Update April/May 2018 – SPMP Project in Sohar, Oman

The electricity on the site is now on!


Roasting section, from the left, HTF (horizontal tube furnace) dry gas handling leading to wet gas cleaning.


Concentrate day bins on the right of the photo, gas compression system under cover with blue tanks,
and behind the compressor building is the Calcine and Reagent stores, the large silver tanks are the
CATO, IATO and Calcine silos.


Left to right, concentrate storage, concentrate dryer and concentrate day bins.


Large building on the right is the Antimony refining building, smaller building is the Slag stores and
recycling building, “square” bins behind is for reagent feed bins. Blue section on the left with fans is the
air cooling system and in the background the stack for gas return to atmosphere.


Isometric view of the site, foreground in the roasting section and in the background is the refining sections.


Overhead site views, January 2018

Overhead site view, December 2017

Site overheads, November 2017



Site visit, August 2017



Erection, 10m above ground, of the Horizontal Tube Furnace on its pedestals, July 2017

HTF being unloaded on site, June 2017

HTF being unloaded at Sohar Port, 2 June 2017


Most recent developments, May 2017


Gate House, Plant Office, Access Roads and Change House Superstructure

Site activity March and April 2017

Further developments in February 2017, including concrete pour and tank assembly