SPMP Project

Tri-Star Resources Limited has a 16% interest in Strategic & Precious Metals LLC “SPMP”.

SPMP was established in Oman in 2014 as a joint venture between the Government of Oman through Oman Investment Fund (OIF), now Oman Investment Authority , Tri-Star Resources PLC, now Tri-Star Resources Limited, from the UK and DNR Industries Ltd, part of Dutco Group in Dubai.

SPMP developed the concept of a modern antimony roasting and gold plant in 2012, to be the first western-world minor metal primary smelter in nearly 40 years.  The plant has been developed with the latest technologies and is fully compliant with strict global environmental regulations including EU guidelines, US Environmental Protection Agency regulations and Oman’s own Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs’ (MECA) rules.

The SPMP Smelter converts primary sulphide concentrates, produced in mines from almost every region around the world into finished antimony, a strategic minor metal. At full capacity, SPMP will produce 20,000 tonnes of antimony products (metal and trioxide) and 50,000 ounces of gold per annum.

In July 2019, SPMP announced production of its first antimony metal, and in November that year, the company proudly celebrated the sale of its first batch of gold doré. SPMP continues to move towards full capacity, and updates on progress towards this this will be provided in the news section.

For further information on SPMP and its management see https://www.spmp.co.om.
Link to SPMP article in Oman Observer https://www.omanobserver.om/omans-first-antimony-gold-project-to-reach-full-production-this-year/


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